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Latest in Fall Prevention for Older Adults:

This collection of effective fall interventions is designed to help public health practitioners, senior service providers, clinicians, and others who want to address older adult falls in their community.


The 4th edition of the Compendium describes 34 single interventions (17 exercise interventions, 5 home modification interventions, and 12 clinical interventions) and 16 multifaceted interventions (addressing multiple risk factors).

From CDC - Compendium of FP Interventions - What Works for Community Dwelling Older Adults

General Fall Prevention Resources:

Check Your Fall Risk: 
How To Prevent Falls: 
Fall Prevention Checklist:
Protecting Your
Older Adult Falls Fact Sheet:
My Mobility Plan:
Managing Postural 

Physical Activity Resources:

Chair Rise Exercise:
Habersham County
Physical Activity:
Hall County
Physical Activity:
White County
Physical Activity:
Union County
Physical Activity:
Stephens County
Physical Activity:

Resources About Medications:

Medicine Risk
Fact Sheet:
Linked to Falls:
Medicines List:

Resources for Caregivers

Protecting Loved
Ones from Falling

Resources for Professionals

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